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How Many More Reviews To Get To 5 Stars

One of the biggest questions we get once one our customers unederstands the importance of a google review profile is…

“How many reviews do I need to hit a 5 star rating?”

After getting asked this so many times, we built a calculator to help you calculate exactly how many more reviews you need!


11% More Revenue In Your Business With Just 1 Star

Google reviews can have a significant impact on your business revenue.

A Harvard Business School study found that a 1-star review rating increase results in up to a corresponding 11% revenue increase.

Crazy right?

With this stat you anyone should now have a clear understanding why getting and maintaining an excellent Google reviews profile is an absolute MUST for every business.

Your Google review profile is the key to unlocking more leads, and more conversions for less cost.

And the sooner you focus on your Google review profile and boost it to a 4.5 rating and above (and maintain it)

The faster you can reap all the financial benefits that follow.

Let us help you boost, and maintain your Google Reviews with our proprietary system thats generated tens of thousands of reviews on complete autopilot.

Is Your Business Suffering Without a Steady Stream Of Google 5 Star Reviews

Google reviews are the single-most important factor  potential new customers, clients and patients consider to research, assess and compare your business to your competitors’ when deciding whether to call, contact or visit your business OR your competition

Before deciding to call, contact or visit your business, up to 97% of potential customers, clients and patients first read an average of up to 11 of your Google reviews to assess your online reputation and use it as the reason to call, contact or visit your business or not to

84% trust Google reviews from complete strangers as  much as a personal recommendation from a friend,
colleague, family member and/or referral source

Attaining and always maintaining an excellent Google  review profile is proven to generate more leads and new customers, clients and patients while also decreasing your new lead and business acquisition costs across ALL your marketing and advertising campaigns

86% believe Google reviews 90 days and older are not relevant and discount or ignore when assessing your
online reputation and deciding whether to call, contact or visit your business OR your competitions

12% of potential new customers, clients and patients will only consider a business with a perfect 5.0 Google review rating, just 74% will consider a business with a 4.0 to 4.4  rating and only 48% when a business’ rating is less than 4.0

Reviews are Google’s largest ranking factors when ranking your Google Business Profile (“GBP”) in Google Maps, including the top three (3) spots (“3-Pack”), which are known for producing the highest quantity of leads out of all other online marketing efforts when you also have an excellent Google review profile

Your Google reviews profile is the key to generating more leads and acquiring additional new customers for less cost. Across the thousands of clients who’s marketing campaigns we’ve audited we’ve never seen a better ROI, or a higher volume campaign on a cost-per-lead and new business acquired basis.

In the long run your Google Business Profile will out preform in terms of volume and price…

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Facebook Ads

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Retargeting & Remarketing

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And Any Other Method